Regulatory Requirements

  • Are you compliant and up to date with all regulatory requirements? The requirements of § 25 KWG make this issue more important than ever.
  • How far have you progressed in developing an appropriate risk culture in your company?
  • What about your KYC-processes? Not to mention KYI and KYE?
  • Are your processes as effective as you want them to be?
  • Do you consider your on-boarding-/monitoring-/screening-processes a resilient chain?
  • Will your risk analysis reveal significant problems?
  • Will your audit department assess your processes as satisfactory?
  • What results do you expect from the next external audit? Do you know which topics to expect?
    How do you compare with competitors? When did you perform your last peer-review?

… and the answer:

Project experience:

  • Anti Financial Crime / Anti Money Laundering / KYC / CTF
  • Stakeholder management in a highly regulated environment
  • Incident management
  • Development / Implementation of a KYC screening tool for an insurance company (B2B2C)
  • Establishment of an adequate governance structure and participation in the preparation of a comprehensive steering committee organisation
  • Coordination and tracking of work packages by business analysts, Financial Crime Compliance, IT, Legal and Sales
  • Compliance with the prescribed standards of project management

Qualifications/ Knowledge:

  • At home in the field of legal framework
  • Familiar with the applicable regulations BASEL: (3 lines of defence, 4 lines of defence)
  • Many years of experience with financial institutions (banking and insurance)
  • Audit-minded

… self-organized:

  • Ability to understand complex topics and extract information effectively
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to work autonomously without close direction
  • Excellent analytical skills
  • Coordination with foreign headquarters
  • Robust and efficient processes
  • Capable of implementation
  • Hands-on mentality

… in the interpersonal sphere:

  • Ability to constructively address challenges in behavior and culture
  • Facilitation skills and the ability to actively engage with the delegates
  • Experienced in gaining the support of the delegates who are responsible for adopting the change
  • Confidence to engage and influence corporations at all levels of the organization

…from my professional experience in training/as lecturer:

  • Ability to engage with employees and executives prior to training events
  • Working to ensure that training sessions are delivered and facilitated at a high standard and reflect

Local issues

  • Ability to design and deliver training material to a mixed audience ensuring that the training objectives are met (face to face training sessions, as well as WebEx trainings and video conferences)
  • Years of experience in training operational staff/ engagement within a change programme